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Magnus Memories

We have been receiving numerous congratulatory messages on our 40th Ruby Anniversary Season from our many friends, patrons, and supporters and would love to hear from you. If you wish to read more about what people have to say about Magnus and its 40th Ruby Anniversary find us on Facebook at or read the comments in our show programs throughout the season; we plan to print as many as our program space will allow. If you wish to send us a congratulatory message or comment on Magnus' accomplishments over the past 40 years you can do so by emailing us at, Tweeting us at, or by fax at 345-0291.

"Magnus is a gem. Professional theatre with a commitment to the community. A great combination. High-calibre performances and a vitality that energizes us all. An institution worthy of our support."
- Dino DiGiuseppe and Joan Powell

"I was fortunate enough to work at Magnus in it's infancy, back in the East End days. It was my first opportunity to really use my newly-minted Theatre Arts degree from University of Waterloo. Maurice Evans, who became a life-long friend, was the Artistic Director at the time and he showed me that one thing, Passion, is what makes theatres successful and part of their communities. There is as much passion today at Magnus as there ever was and Thunder Bay and surrounding area is all the better for it. Most times, we tend to think of communities supporting the arts instead of the other way around. What truly makes Thunder Bay great is that here we do have the arts, like Magnus and the Symphony (the list could go on!) supporting our quality of life. Thank you Magnus for making our lives richer and thank you everyone in Thunder Bay for supporting Magnus! Best wishes on your 40th Anniversary and for many, many more years of continued success!"
- John Rafferty, MP

"I am delighted to send my warmest congratulations to Magnus Theatre as they celebrate 40 years of bringing the best of professional live theatre to their thousands of fans in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. As a former Magnus Board member and as a long time supporter and friend, I want to thank the staff, volunteers and performers who have brightened the lives of so many of us with the excitement and magic of live theatre for the past 40 years. Bravo, Magnus Theatre. Please take a deep bow!"
- Michael Gravelle, MPP Thunder Bay - Superior North

"I enjoyed the plays that the students put on. Very well done for the youth in Thunder Bay."
- Sue Taniwa

"Happy Ruby Anniversary Magnus! You have given me some of my favourite moments in my theatrical career - the roles of Sally Bowles in Cabaret and Charlie in Automatic Pilot. Then to direct in the fabulous new (current) theatre space was another special treat. Thanks for the memories and keep adding to them. Have a great anniversary season! Cheers!"
- Vinetta Strombergs

"I am a former graduate of PACI, while attending my biggest dream was to be a part of the drama class that was given the opportunity to act on the Magnus Theatre stage. My dream came true and I am proud to say that I had the chance to act on a stage that has been shared by so many talented performers and so many exceptional plays. Congratulations on your "Ruby" anniversary Magnus Theatre. Thank you for continually sharing a higher standard of excellence in entertainment. Cheers!"
- Jen Skaf, Former Saturday Box Office assistant - Magnus Theatre

"There is nothing happening in Thunder Bay that thrills me more than being able to attend  professional, live productions of thought-provoking plays. It is in that face to face encounter theatre provides, that we are given a mirror in which we can see who we are and what we are doing. Then, in turn, good discussion and action follows in a democracy. Bravo Magnus! I'll keep coming to all your productions till I die!"
- Susan Simonsen

"Keeping the historic building alive in downtown is very important and they keep making such original plays! I love it!"
- Scotia Waddell

"Magnus Theatre - a 40 year magnum opus. Congratulations!"
- George Merner