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    Runs October 31 – November 12

    The play, a Pulitzer Prize winning drama, considers questions of identity and religion in the contemporary world. A successful Pakistani American lawyer, who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder, enjoys a comfortable life with his white American wife, a talented artist influenced by Islamic imagery. He is happy, in love, and about to land the biggest career promotion of his life. But when his Muslim heritage is questioned by a white Jewish friend and his African American wife, his life begins to unravel;   A celebratory dinner with friends leads to a fiery debate on prejudice, identity and faith.


  • jungle

    The Jungle Book

    Runs December 5 – December 17

    Greg Banks’ play adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling stories has a great sense of adventure and playfulness. In this coming of age story, Mowgli, a child called a “man cub” by the creatures of the forest, is raised by wolves and by Baloo the sloth bear and Bagheera the black panther. They protect this human innocent as best they can from Shere Khan, the hungry tiger who wants to eat him. But when some monkeys trick Mowgli and imprison him, vultures carry the news to his would-be rescuers, including the hypnotizing python Kaa.


  • crees

    Crees in the Caribbean

    Runs January 30 – February 11

    The play is a heart warming comedy of two middle-aged First Nations seniors, Evie and Cecil, on their very first trip out of the country. The couple’s children have sent them on a second honeymoon to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Evie and Cecil reminisce and bicker as they discuss their past experiences, tourism and old age.  They form a bond with Manuela, the courteous housekeeper at their hotel, and help her navigate some of the troublesome situations she finds herself in.


  • bondage

    Of Human Bondage

    Runs March 6 – March 18

    Of Human Bondage is a grand story of lust, unrequited love, and the pursuit of beauty. When Philip meets Mildred, a disarming tea-shop waitress, he finds his yearning for art and experience consumed by his intense attraction to her. Mildred, for all her teasing, isn’t all that interested in Philip, but rather in flattery, possessions, and security. Yet Philip, in a powerful haze of passion and pride, obsessively pursues Mildred despite the anguish and emotional carnage that repels  and binds then at all costs.


  • flight path

    Here on the Flight Path

    Runs April 10 – April 22

    Here On The Flightpath is an insightful comedy of male-female relationships. It is an hilarious look at one man’s relationships with three attractive women. John, who is divorced from his wife, is a long-time resident of the Canadian Aurora Terrace Apartments, which are a mile from downtown and on the flight path of a busy airport. The man’s social life is built around his buddies and the ever changing tenants, particularly the unattached women, who move into the apartment with the terrace adjoining his.


  • the-knackers

    The Knackers, Friday October 14th @ Magnus Theatre

    Swimmers , the third studio album by The Knackers, features some great local musicians, as well as the band members . Many of them will be back to jam with the group for the CD release,  in a venue that is arguably one of the best acoustic stages in the city. All proceeds to go to the Port Arthur General Memorial Project and Magnus Theatre.

    Call the box office for tickets and more details – 345-5552